Europe by Night

Playing around, teaching myself how to use the features of Photoshop 4, I created these pictures. They are arranged in order of increasing weirdness. The 1st three are rated G, but the last are PG 13 (due to extreme strangeness). Enjoy.

Inverted Plant, Mt. Kenya

Looking straight down on this plant was one of my favorite shots from a climb of Mt. Kenya. Inverting the color and slightly swirling made it even better.

Decorative Plate, Seattle

Taken at a craft booth at Seattle's Bumpershoot festivel, this shot was already pretty abstract. Kais power tools spiced it up even more.

Electric Class: Swirl, Macabre.

Trying out Picasso's painting with light idea a group of 6th grade students and I darkened a classroom and shot a roll of film using penlights covered with colored celephane. Swirl and Macabre took it a step further into the abstract.

Playground Dreams

Imprisoned Mask

I collected discarded Halloween masks for a few years to use in strange photos, this grusome fellow finally went over the line and was locked up.

Out of the Vortex

A time exposure of a carnival ride, mixed with a shot taken at the Picasso museum in Paris, created this nightmare.