One of the first things I noticed on arrival in Germany was the trees - they were everywhere. Germans love their forests, it seems to be a historic/genetic thing dating from pre-Roman times. Driving the autobahn the stict zoning laws that preserve small forests between towns is very apparent.

Farmers often use trees as decoration - strategically retaining a few especially nice trees in their fields as accents. The tree you see below is situated on the crest of a slope just outside the small town of Schlamersdorf in north Bavaria. The unique bent trunk caught my eye the first time I drove by on my way to work.

Every Tuesday for six years I drove by this tree, and looked forward to observing how it's mood changed with the seasons, weather, or time of day. I began carrying my camera kit (Pentax MX, all of these shots with a tripod mounted Pentax 70-200, on Kodachrome 25) and leaving early to catch sunrise, and to have time to get out and frame up a shot or two. On the days everything came together and felt "right", I would cruise through the rest of the day with a boyant sense of purpose fullfilled. Sometimes the best photos are found close to home if you look at the familiar in a different light (literally!).